888Casino - Online Casino Review

888 Online Casino received a boost in 2014 when it won the coveted Digital Operator of the Year in the Global Gaming Awards. A year before and after that award, the casino was recognized as the Casino operator of the year during two different award sessions. This alone speaks volumes of the casino’s standing in New Jersey and the gaming world at large.

The one thing that’s stands out for 888 and even maybe resulted in the 2014 win was the responsive gaming experience created for online users. While it is quite hard to replicate the adrenalin rush that comes from being in a live casino, the lively music and the chatter of hundreds of gamblers in one room, the casino has set up an online platform that is not only colorful but imitates a live casino almost perfectly. Players have chat rooms and each game has its theme, music, and color that merge to create the illusion of being in a live casino.

Some of the Winning Strategies of 888 Online Casinos

Easy to join: The online casino, just like the on-land one, will require players to be above 21 to play and also to be physically in New Jersey, but that is just about it. Without a care of how well versed you are at gambling or how poorly you perform, you can sign up and play alongside others in your category. Online players range from the newest newbie to the most seasoned and so you have a good chance at improving your game.

Numerous Payment Options: Cash at the cage, Visa, the casino’s debit card, PayPal, Visa by Neteller, Visa cards, and ACH methods of payment are some of those that the casino accepts. They are all fast and secure, and they will be the same you can use to access your winnings.

24/7 Support: If you choose to play at odd hours of the night or morning because it is the only time you have to play, then you should have the same support as those playing at normal hours. 888 Casino’s online support is said to be friendly, available and helpful at any hour to make gaming flawless.

Regulated and Secure: The casino is licensed and regulated to ensure that players get a fair chance at winning. Management says that online games and winnings are audited the same way as offline ones to ensure everyone gets what they pay for and deserve. As long as you are of the legal age, you are free to play in a safe and legal environment.


  • A large variety of games
  • Secure, easy set-up, and numerous payment methods.


  • Only accessible from NJ.

The main casino games – blackjack, roulette, slots, and video poker – have their unique variations and are fast-paced enough to occupy your time and challenge you immensely. It is never an easy win with these online games and so you had better come prepared and ready to learn some strategies. Pair up with friends or other opponents in the same level as you or better than you to make the most of the game.