Betfair Casino - Online Casino Review

Betfair Online casino rolled out and made a splash that was quite common on New Jersey. While it is not the first casino in the state to go online, it brings exciting new games that other casinos have not really launched yet. As per management, they are doing things differently to change the game of online betting in New Jersey.

Live Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette are available at the casino where the draw is made by a live dealer in Atlantic City but the game is played from the comfort of your home. Bringing as much of the live action as possible, the casino hopes to make it easier for those who can’t access the game live but would be love to participate. The pace for online betting is faster given that most drafts are made online, and so an online player could play twice the number of times an offline player would within the same time frame.

Attractions to Betfair Online Gaming

Even seasoned players are finding it more interesting to play online these days. The convenience is mostly the selling point, although a few also want to hide their betting addiction online. This idea has not escaped unnoticed by the casinos and Betfair, as well as other casinos have established a toll-free line where gamblers can seek help anonymously.

So, these are some of the factors that drive online gaming.

Anonymity: Want to hide from others because you are afraid they would judge your regular gambling? There is no better place to hide than online as no one really knows you there. You just get to create an account, fund it and start playing against friends and strangers.

Play for Free or Real Money: If you are looking to improve your game, you may want to play for free until you master the game. Of course you win nothing of you pay nothing, but over time you could start challenging yourself to win some of the money floated on these sites all day.

Same Feeling: Online gaming is getting all the hype that live players experience – the HD screens that make it look so real, lively music that gets you in the mood, and real-live games. It’s not exactly the same as being in a live casino but Betfair comes close. Also, the convenience? You don’t have to drive to go bet when you can access all the games online.


  • Play from anywhere within New Jersey either for free or paid games.
  • Play for real money against players of your category.
  • Games are available on Android and iOS.


  • The experience is not really the same.
  • Games are limited to save your phone’s memory.
  • The casino has no way of confirming that the player is 21 and older.

While online gambling is convenient, it could accelerate addiction as you can access it at anytime from anywhere within the city. You want to be careful that it does not get out of hand and if it does, call the toll-free number to seek help.