Harrahs Casino - Online Casino Review

Harrah’s Casino has been serving clients since 1937, releasing offline games that have become quite popular with patrons of all age groups. Over time, the casino has amassed a huge following that led to the need to avail those games online.

Gaming is taking to the interwebs and smart casinos know that the future is in heading there. Harrah’s has a huge portfolio of online games including slots, blackjack, roulette, and video poker. They have over 120 games that you can play online using either an Android device or an iOS one. Whether you play from your PC, laptop, or smartphone is al up to you.

Because you would have to create and account and even download an app on your phone for records and future games scores, you may have a limited number of games available to avoid taking up all your phone’s memory. Games are quite interesting and paced faster than what you would have in a physical casino for the fact that they are digitally selected. The thrill of playing online may not be the same as what you get in on-land casinos – especially the crowds of strangers that could become your friends before the end of the night – but Harrah’s tries to make it as real as possible with bold colors and loud music that is reminiscent of on-and casinos.

No Downtime

On-land casinos may be open till late but they still close for the night. Well, online casinos stay open all hours of the day and night so you can stay winning for as long as you need. They follow strict age limits to keep 21 and below players off casinos and they are also regulated to ensure that games are legal, safe, and fair to players. After creating an account and funding it through any of the numerous payment methods available, you can invite your friends to play or select a random stranger to wage against.

Harrah’s, according to their site, believe in responsible gambling and although the house would like to keep winning, they will not do that at the expense of their fans. The management has a toll-free number to call when you think that you or a friend has a gambling problem. They also ensure that only those physically in NJ can play in order to comply with rules of the licensor. You don’t have to be a NJ resident, just be within the state regardless of your residency status.


  • Over 120 games available online at any hour of the day or night.
  • Numerous ways to fund the online account.
  • It is legal and fair in that the casino is licensed by the right authorities.


  • Only those physically in New Jersey can access the online games.
  • Those aged 21 and below cannot play.

Online gaming gives everyone an equal chance to be a pro at their preferred game. They can use this platform to improve their skills before venturing into the bigger off-line scene to play against seasoned players.